52, 12 Yr Relationship Going No Where,

do i belong anymore here
I am 52, divorced 14 years, had boyfriend for12 years, 4 kids, 2 graduate, 1 in college, 1 w/ associate and deciding, I moved bock to home town 4 years ago, the house was paid for and now am unemployed , trying to decide what to do
it is good to see the old place,
it is good to read about old acquaintances and their lives
it is good to be in the country stead of town
it is good to not have the struggle of 4 kids at home
old acquaintances have their own lives, jobs, families, children and grandchildren, their life has gone own without you
shared stories are from long ago when you do meet
could i stop myself from feeling out of place there by moving back to where, cairo, owensboro, or maybe a new town lexington, DC, atlanta, at the kids would be there, but would i be intruding on their growing up
my siblings yolonda, lovica, kenneth and their families are here
Dennis(boyfriend) and his family is here
my parents are gone now, but i live right across the road so I can see the house if I want where i grew up


what to do
vanes38f vanes38f
Aug 24, 2011