Out On My Lonesome

I wish I could just get me a place out in the middle of the cold nowhere forest. Build a house there and mill out the rest of my days there. LOL I'm so young but I want to pretty much retire and go rough it. Hunt my food and live at one with nature.  I'm just tired of all the hustle and bustle of everyday.  It really sucks that we cant homestead anymore that would be so great!!

camilleisme camilleisme
3 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Gee I wanna do the same thing myself , I am not fond of cities , or the bright lights they dont do a thing for me . I just wanna get out and be away from every one , way out in the forest near a beach , live off the land , get a garden going , grow lots veges , plants some fruit trees . I would get meself a small car - nothing flash . I just wanna smell the forest when it rains , listen to the animals and just be free to be myself and at ease with life , take one day at a time . That sounds soooooo good to me , like music to me ears LOL

It might be perfect for you. Go on a 3 or 4 week camping trip. Find a rough place and see if you like it enough for a lifeStyle....who knows?

that sounds pretty good. you can do this . just find the right place!