Here Isn't Enough

I live just outside of London. The view from my bedroom window is of fields and sky, but 10 minutes up the road and you could be on the tube. Since I moved here about 10 years ago, i've always appreciated the location, and how lucky I am to live somewhere like this. Quiet, yet so accessible.

However, i feel as though every time i look into the sky and see a plane, i just wish that i was on it. No matter where it was going, i could get off at the other end, find a place to live, find a job and find new friends. I'm currently unemployed and to make matters worse, i have literally no idea what i want to do with my life.

One thing i think i do know, is that i'd be happy doing almost any job, as long as it was out of this country and somewhere where i've never been before. London is a hugely diverse and exciting place, but i just feel like here isn't enough.

I know it's the age-old statement of the typical working class person, but 'if I won the lottery', or had any sort of cash behind me, i think i'd be gone tomorrow. And the best part is, i don't know where i'd go.
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18-21, M
Sep 3, 2012