Moving In With My Boyfriend And My Family.

I've been with my boyfriend for about four months now.  We've grown very, very close, very quickly.  As it stands right now, I spend more time with him at his place than I do my house (I currently live with my parents.) I more or less live there now at it is, but none of my belongings are there =p

We are both 24 years old, and will both be turning 25 in October.  I work part-time at a hospital, but this summer I will be switching to full time hours, making pretty decent money.  My boyfriend will also soon be working full-time hours at his shop.

We've discussed me moving in many times, and now...I am 100% confident in doing it, BUT, there is a problem.  My parents.  My father is not originally from this country, so he has a particular mindset about what girls should and should not do.  My mother is a pretty strict person, even with me now, at 24 years old.  I cannot imagine them being too terribly happy with my choice.  I do not want to cause problems with them, at all.  But, I need to follow my heart and do what I need to do FOR myself.  I am old enough to move out on my own.  I do understand that some people may think my boyfriend and I are moving too fast, but when you know, you know...Like I said before, we are extremely close with one another. We get along very well, and even when we have problems, we are able to talk them out maturely and listen to one another.  I have a lot of experience in dating, and I have never wanted to move in with a boyfriend before, until him.

How can I bring this up to my parents without too much static? I want things to go smoothly, I just know they probably won't...



angelikdemonik angelikdemonik
22-25, F
Feb 25, 2010