I Need Help To Move On

Dear Mr Ex-boyfriend,

I dreamt of you last night. We were walking along the street together. You accompanied me on my shopping spree and I brought you to my favourite restaurants. It was like a date we never had in real life.

In my dream, you held my hand but I shook yours away. For some reason, I didn't want you to hold my hand like you used to; I wanted you to know it was already over. But for some other reason, I still held onto your arm.

I woke up only to find my heart with that barren feeling - afraid of you, afraid of loving again, afraid of just being my old self. I used to love you but now I am afraid of you. Your face reminds me of all the pain, rejection and humiliation.

Were you thinking of me last night? Did you suddenly realise that you needed me? And that I was better than the other girl?

Perhaps you would want to look for me but you will never find me. For I will run, run far away from wherever you are. May the road between us be a thousand miles, for your middle name must be 'Heartbreak'.

Just having you poke fun at my memories, somewhat make the old scars burn.

If you ever think of me, I hope you would try forget me...for I do not want to be remembered as the fool who once loved you.

Won't you just leave me alone?
sassycrimsonrose sassycrimsonrose
22-25, F
Dec 4, 2012