Over, Now And Forever

He was

"The One"

"prince charming"

"My soul mate"


Or so i thought. i thought i found my other half, my guy, the one and only. but for the first time, and the very last time....i was wrong. i found this old-ish song, its like 6 years old, (to you guys it may not seem to old but to me it is lol) that i used to listen to, i never really thought about the lyrics its called "Happy"- by hilary duff (my idol at age 9 lol ) i came across it the other day, and thought wow i can relate, even though i broke up with him.

Some people do not know this, but we are givin 2 arms. 2 legs. 2 eyes, 2 hands and 2 feet BUT! we are only givin ONE heart...Do you know why that is? it is because we are all saposed to find the matching one... <3 <3

so enough of my blabbering hears the song


and good luck to those of you trying to find your matching heart :) <3
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1 Response Sep 14, 2011

good song i know that feeling. im happy. i hope you are too!