I Can't Move On And It Hurts

I can't move on. He's on my mind 24/7. I need to move on though because he said some hurtful things to me. He wasn't sensitive to my feelings and he would blame me for things that he himself was doing. We had a big issue with opposite sex friends. He didn't want me having males on my facebook yet he was hanging out with females. I don't even have guy friends that I hang out with so he had nothing to worry about. He ultimately chose his female friends over me. He called me a stalker as well yet he is the one who used his female friends' fb account to look at my fb page. Itsbeen 3
months and I'm still thinking about him. We really never resolved things. I am not interested in anyone else. What's wrong with me
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Do you know what , I'm gonna say how I see it...
Some things in life are a challenge & when the challenge is complete you're no longer interested...
To change your lifestyle to be with someone is completely wrong, it's like losing your identity , just be yourself, be that challenge & remain it .
Have your own friends & own things going on, people will notice & take interest in you.
Never ever let the other person have it their way, it's only going to end in disaster & become boring.....GL