I was moving on and I was slowly forgetting you and forgetting all those memories that we've build. But then our paths cross one day. Why did it happen? I really don't want to see you. I thought I don't have feelings for you anymore. But, I was so wrong. It hurts me to see you with her so happy. It feels like my world was falling apart. It's been a month now. But I'm still holding on when I shouldn't really have to anymore. I guess I really have to accept the fact that we aren't really meant to be. That you're not really for me. Hope I can forget and replace you as fast as how you did. But it still fckn hurts me. I can't replace you that fast. Time heals.. Hope I can forget you one day & I'm hoping this feelings would fade away as fast as how you removed me from your life -.-
hellsAngel025 hellsAngel025
18-21, F
Aug 1, 2015