I want to move on from my wife of 15 years, GF of 2 years and other GF of 6 months. I just need the time to pursue my passion, sex, So I find nothing in common anymore except fantastic sex with these women that I have a relationship with. Feeling more and more emotionally detached from the daily grind and more and more primal.. Intercourse has become less about making love and more about raw animal sex. That in turn has caused them to become more attached in many ways. The intensity of our encounters is beyond explanation. The things we do are just insane. I find my self seeking more and more women to have sex with. its like someone threw a switch in my head two and a half years ago. By no means am I in a sympathetic situation, I get what is going on is wrong, hurtful and disrespectful on many levels. yet I cannot turn away from the amazing sex, and although both GF know of each other and my wife the seem to have no problems wanting more and more of me. Post your comments, I don't expect any nice ones. I am not a good person in my mind, being driven by sex was never me yet it is what drives me now.
liveitover liveitover
46-50, M
Aug 19, 2014