Wonderful Parents, But They Don't Support This Decision. I Need A Second Opinion.

I asked them today, after we fought about college and how I am not able to go once again this semester because life keeps getting in the way, how they felt about me moving out. I am 19 years old now, and I have been dreaming of the day that I can have my own space for a year.

It is natural for me to want to spread my wings, and my mother agrees when it is only hypothetical. But when I brought it up today, they looked at me and told me that I would be making the worst decision ever. At one point in the conversation, my father looked at me and said, "I guarantee that you will not continue your education if you move out of this house."

This angered me. I have been an exceptional student and put a lot of emphasis on my college education, and it is my utmost goal, once I get it to work. I am now starting college with having graduated early in 2011 (a semester before the rest), and have had ample job experience since. I am now the office administrator for a company that I work my tail off for, and I handle 50% of everything it does and am becoming more or less its innovator as the owner is very unorganized. I will be the reason it gets back on its feet and keeps its employees. At my age, I am proud of the things I have achieved, and I just wish someone else would be proud of me, too (other than my incredible boyfriend). I know what I have done is good. I also am not the type of person to boast about it, but this is to communicate what I have done in all honesty.

I need to get myself into school, however the college that I wanted to go to had problems. I was forced to drop my classes last semester a month in (the only college I have had), and when I thought that I had dealt with it, paid them back for their time lost, I have now been put on the blacklist for not completing my classes that I "attempted." So I am unable to receive financial aid from this school, and therefore not able to go.

I must work in order to go to school, and I must work full-time. My father likes to believe that I can just not do this, but then again his idea of having money is debt piled to the ceiling as long as we have pretty, shiny objects in the house. I want to be unlike him financially.

Now they are angry that I would bring up such an idea as moving out. I feel that it is the next step in my life, and I feel really good about it. But they don't, and this bothers me, even though they have been very wrong about my decisions in the past.

I want to know there is someone out there who gets this, even a little, and has any specific and relatable advice. I would take my parents seriously if I felt that they understood like I did. I just have trouble taking them seriously when they did something similar to me and are more or less a very happy couple now.

Someone please respond.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

You need to do what is right for you. Your parents probably are just trying to say that they want the bet for you. I am 35 and still have tens of thousands of unpaid college debt. I've never been able to get a job that pays enough to live on and pay back my college loans. Try going part time if you can, working full time and schooling full time can lead to big failure. You are young. You have plenty of time. Good luck and feel free to contact me with more questions if you'd like.