I've Just Got to Before I Go Nuts

I have to get out.  I know I'm supposed to be here to help her out but I just can't do it anymore.  I'm tired of people stealing and touching all my stuff I've just got to get out.  To clear it up I live with my Grandmother because she can barely see.  My family is always in and out of here and they steal things.  I feel like I can't even leave the house because I don't know what going to be gone when I get home.  Most importantly one thing I can never do is have anything of any sentimental value because no matter how insignificant it is they will find it and ruin it. Its like they have a radar that makes them only mess with things that they shouldn't.  I'm done though it's over I'm getting out no matter what.  Someone else can come here and do it because I'm done.  I want my own place I've been here long enough; I can afford it.  I just want the serenity of living alone for a while.  I've rarely gotten to do it, but I remember the one time I was living on my own it was sooooooooo great.  My mind is made up. I hope all you guys succeed in getting out on your own, later.

camilleisme camilleisme
Mar 8, 2009