Livin' In a Crazy House.

The house I live in is just filled with craziness. First off let me start by saying that it is my father/mother's home. When I was 16 we moved to NC, it was me my mom and dad and bird. Soon after it was the three of us, a family friend's son, and my sister's troubled (by family) friend...and a dog. They moved out, my sister moved in with her boyfriend....then came baby and another dog. Move forward a few years...I get pregnant, my boyfriend moves in (and we start paying rent) add 2 more dogs (that is 4 for those not keeping count) and a cat...I have baby...then there is 6 humans and 6 sister is pregnant...has baby then there is 7. My sister and family move out with their dog. We move to basment(nice, it is carpeted, just another room/bathroom/hangout room). Then the real craziness Great granny, grandma and grandpa move in after huricane charlie and ??(can't remember the name) from florida. The grandma's are both bipolar....on meds for it but never seems to help as much as it should...I see ups and downs, tears and screaming, calmness, fighting...overtaking...just all sorts of things.

Then I got MY dog...she has been GOOD for us basement dwellers. LOL

Having a young child in this mix made things more wild...he was after all being raised by all of matter that I DIDN't want that, protested, and eventually limited time with them.  This equation has caused issues in him that I am trying to fix...poor kid.

I am READY to get out of here...I want to be on my own with MY family....the only thing keeping me here is the thousands of dollars I owe my mom and can't pay her...I would feel guilty leaving without paying my debt...and it isn't like we can afford it anyway right now with all the OTHER bills we have! I do know that for my health, my husbands and most importantly my son's that we NEED to leave, we HAVE to move out of this unhealthy environment!

I am happy to say that it may happen sooner then I ever thought possible....just hoping that THAT doesn't fall getting to excited yet...that waits until it happens! I am tired of this crazy, crowded(not that their is not the room, but the people just sufficate you) house.

dreamin2183 dreamin2183
22-25, F
Jul 12, 2007