I Hate Living At Home!

i hate living at home, theres just no independance and i feel like i have no control. I've applied for something to move out to, a couple of months ago, but still haven't heard back from them. The most annoying thing about it though is we're moving house AGAIN! and i've told my mum how pissed off i get with it, and when she had to get me to sign sumet the other day about moving into this new house, i told her i wasn't gunna be living there and she just turned around and told me unbelievably smugly that i hadn't heard back from them, as if to say, your not gonna, cos they don't want you. it really upset me, but i can't help believing that she's right, but what she doesn't realise is she's winning nothing in keeping me with her, cos I won't stay with her and my dad and sister, there is know way i can let that happen, if that is what it comes down to, then i won't be anywhere, i really want to move out and i know it will help me with my moods, but the only thing thats ever on my mind is, 'it isn't gonna happen!'.....
sezy sezy
18-21, F
Aug 14, 2007