I Do, But...

The more I hear about it, the more suffocating it sounds.

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Patch is right. The Catholic population here in Pittsburgh is huge and I have gotten alot of tut-tutting when I eat a burger on friday during lent because I just don't care for the stupid holiday.... I've also had poor audience reactions when I make anti-religious jokes. It's part of the culture in this city.<br />
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As far as health care, there's really nothing I can do... You come over here and you won't have it, babe. I don't have it and I was born in this hellhole... If you got work that provided it, you'd be good... <br />
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Some things in this country just aren't that great. I figure since I can't go there and coming here could be a bit too overwhelming... We should go somewhere neutral like Canada. :P

Although I do admit I got tuna salad at subway today rather than the Whopper Jr. at Burger King when I remembered it was Friday LOL

As far as the healthcare, Americans as a whole...well, at least in theory this country was founded on the desire for autonomy. "Universal" or "Socialized" ANYTHING is not going to go over real big here. There is also the argument that privately paid healthcare is somehow "better quality."

Well, as far as the religion thing, where drcynic lives...in Pittsburgh, we have Catholics and...non practicing Catholics, LOL

I want to move anywhere else<br />
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America has one of the largest gaps between the wealthy and the poor<br />
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The grass is always greener on the other side

No, moving there sounds like an adventure.<br />
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It's just the whole... Religion thing, I guess. I mean, the way you describe it it's like they're all up in your business, at least some of the time. Like... Disapproving looks for getting a hamburger on a Friday?!! You're ******* kidding me! Over here you'd maaaaybe get an odd look for getting one on Good Friday, but that's about it... And the healthcare thing is honestly ridiculous.

Look, there are culture changes that you'd have to get used to, the same as if I was going to go there, which was the original plan... There are things to be done, but I will help you in any way I can... I'm afraid I just don't know much...

Moving here is suffocating?... <br />
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