I'd love to move to a North American country, USA as my first choice and Canada as second. I'm attracted to California the most but would accept many other places.


Problem is I have nothing to offer those countries career wise and no close family over there. I'm British thus can't go on the green card scheme. Best I can do is try go on holiday to the USA as often as I can afford and just enjoy it that way.


It's a damn shame. I want to get a job there, pay my taxes and raise a family. Obviously that is not enough.  *sigh*

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I'm in exact opposite problem as you! I'm an American student who is dying to move to England!
Best of luck to you!

Well at the moment I haven't given up hope and still looking into it. IF not I wonder if I can find a job which means I travel to the US on a regular basis? I'm not sure.<br />
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Brokenmirror - I hope you get where you need to be. ^_^

I may be a bit different in age to you, but I want what you want! I don't see myself in the usual tourist spots like New York or Chicago or anything, I'd love to move to a lesser-known state, whether it's Georgia, Texas, or one of the Carolinas. Is there really no way of you getting there, to stay for good?

Maybe they have connections or relatives. But if not then the problem looks hard on paper.<br />
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I might be recieving some help to be pointed in the right direction. :)

Hmmm. I'm an American from Florida. There are many immigrant Brits all around this country. Some of them of course are here because of their professional skills. But many others as well. Are you absolutely SURE, outofphase, that you can't get in here? Millions (literally) do so.