I'm Writing You From Oz =)

I joined this group while I was still in Italy, dreaming about how I'd come here and start a new life and well....I did!

I can't say that it wasn't hard, preparing for such a thing is hard, you not sure what you'll find there, you're not sure of anything and the anxiety is huge.

But then here it comes the day when you have to say goodbye. You cry your tears leaving your parents and friends but in your heart you're happy because that's something you've been dreaming about for so long. Moving away, finding your own place on earth.

And after three days between airports and flights...here you are: AUSTRALIA.

You feel excited, you don't even know how to explain this because you're so tired that focusing on anything is hard.

I've been here now for two months. I'm working and enjoying living with my fiance in a new place. Of course, it's not easy to count each and every cent and saving as much as possible. Not to be able to eat what you ate home, being always tempeted to buy that used book because you've not read a single thing in months...feeling a little bit down when you buy something you know you could have lived without...hihihi but that's just me, maybe.

I'm proud, anyway. Nobody believed in me, they thought I'd be coming home in 6 months with no money. And it's definetly not happening because i completely changed the way I am, I completely changed my life and I found myself being more outgoing that I though i'd be.


Way to go, Vaiolet.

Btw, if anyone has any questions...here I am!

Vaiolet Vaiolet
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 7, 2010


Yeah well done, I've visited twice before and have fallen head over heals with the place, I'm planning to move over there in 3years time when I've built my business up a bit more, I work closely with a company called Forever and would love to meet others over there that do the same thing and to get to know people before I move to make it easyer.<br />
Would love to know more and how things are now. Where did you more to and how on earth did you decide? lol . . . Tracey.

Well, welcome to Australia, Vaiolet! I hope your new home will live up to your expectations.<br />
<br />
Your story clearly conveys an immigrant's mixed feelings of hope and fear, of loss and opportunity, and it sounds like you have the kind of positive attitutde that would be welcome anywhere. <br />
<br />
I hope everything works out well for you here.