Looking For Ideas And Any Help That Can Be Offered Or Repayed Or Even Worked Off

Hello everyone reading this,

I was born in California and I can't shake this feeling that its where I should be, you know that little big voice thats more like a sensation than words.  If you've ever had that feeling that you should not go somewhere and then catastrophe strikes, but for some reason you listened to that little nudge not to go.  Or if you've thought of a person and then they call its one of those, not some whimsicle grass is greener on the other side story for me.  My theory is life will direct me there eventually, but I must do what I can to seek it.  SO if any of you out there are reading this and need a hand on a farm, general labor, Maintenance of Technical equipment (Pc's and virtually any electronic device that requires troubleshooting), or just about anything else i could earn my stay till i found regular work either in my field or something new.  I've been looking into sustainable agriculture and been trying to get more information on how to volunteer or become an intern doing something more organic, I currently work with computers and its not very enriching or life changing, but its often a variety of problems and not monotonous.

Thank you for reading my post, i though i would share this....
A poem I wrote once upon a time ago

The City of Angels
In the state of dreams
For so long I’ve wanted
My bare feet wet by the sand
Of your beaches
And so my skin
Desires, your rays of sun
My eyes have dreamed
But cannot wait for the days
When I can open them
And see your beauty
Lay before the horizon, which limits my sight
Providing the sun a place to tuck his head
So my friends the stars can play
And twinkle all of their hidden messages to me
bigbro1111 bigbro1111
1 Response Jul 13, 2010

well if i were u i would not move to los/a unless u want to geti nto the entertainment bizz........... other than that los/a is a nasty dirty city .<br />
<br />
san diego is a very nice an pleasant place to live.............<br />
<br />
one thing u have to keep in mind though.... if your not living near the coast side ............ its very hot an lot of foot hills an moutains ............. but it will cost you more to live near the coast,,,