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Hey everyone =) I've been wanting to move to Sacramento, CA for a while now but I'm so scared about living alone in a place I've never been before. I'm tired of my life here. There's no excitement in my life. I'm heartbroken. Depressed. It's just work and college for me. None of my friends want to move, and my family has to stay here. I want to meet someone new, who wants to move to California too. Someone fun and trustworthy. And become good friends and start this new lifestyle with them. It seems impossible though... sigh. =( Will I ever escape from this place? ...

send me a message. T ^ T
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I completely understand and feel the same way. The bad thing for me is that I’m married. I’ve been trying to get my husband to move to CA for years, and he shuts down and won’t even discuss it. If you truly want to move, please do it! Especially if you’re single, take the time to do what you want, where you want. What’s the worst that can happen? You could decide you don’t love it, so you move again. It’s not the end of the world! I’ve been to many parts of CA and loved them all. I love the Pacific Beach area, but I also loved Northern California, and everything in between. You should at least go for a visit, and seriously consider the move. I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach every day thinking that I might be stuck where I am forever, and I would hate for someone else to be in the same position. Best of luck to you!

Have you made the move yet? I feel the exact same way, I'm tired of living in this small town and I've been searching everyone for someone who will move to Cali with me!

<p>san diego would be better then sacramento ..</p>some one ur age would have a wonderful time,living in pacfic beach, its where the college age students live


iv lived i cornado island which is one of the many communities of san diego for most my life, its an island paradise ...i bet u hate it cause u lived in one of the down trodden areas that was part of the military.

sacramento is full nothing but farms and red necks. it is inland where it is 100 degrees all most ever day during the summer, with cold dry winters. u have to drive over an hour to get to the coast. its in the middle of no where. but if ur happy with ur no nothing life, so be it

That's sort of misleading because I travel alot and currently lives in Sacramento. It's honestly the most diverse community, and rarely any red necks. If anything, there's too much asians. The climate is constantly changing and during the summer, it's sort of weird. It rains or is cold before shifting over to burning hot. vise versa for winter. But I agree that Sacramento wouldn't be a good place to live at if you're aiming big.

yes i travel too.... and have lived all over the country... my exp in los/a and further north it is dry and hot hot hot !!!! during the summer as in 100 to 105 degress hot!!!! if you live near the ocean its cooler and climate is better but further east you go in los /a the dryer it is, along with cold winters, and horric summer weather ....... the winters on the east side of calif is nice if you like winter sports /snow.

i live san dego.............. but i live in coronado island off the main land and besides........ why are u stalking me star ... to be littie my comments? ill have to keep a eye on you lol

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