Mmmm...the Good Old Days

The summer before I started middle school, my parents decided that it was high time we took a trip- to Europe. So we packed up some camping equipment, bare minimums for clothing, and entered what would be the best summer of my life. For three weeks, starting in Germany, we camped, crowded 3 to a 1 person tent and hardly ever ate in a restaurant. We worked our way through Austria, then to Italy which I can honestly say is where I want to live. It was so different.  The food, the toilets, what was socially acceptable (i.e. pinching my mother's bottom, highly weird in the US), and oh god, the way they drove. The driving was INSANE. But you never saw any accidents- someone once said to me "Of course you never see any accidents in Italy! All the reckless drivers are dead!". I can imagine that to be somewhat true. We played count the hookers, bought fresh baked rolls from the camp ground stores, and generally did not keep the best hygeine. Best summer of my life by far.

scarletcrayon scarletcrayon
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2 Responses Jan 1, 2007

That sounds like quite a summer! One of my goals is to visit Italy, and your story is an incentive to actually go through with it!

I live in Italy. Since I am fond of good wine it's a truly nice country to live in.