I met a guy online and we had a great playfight at my house. We both wore tight jodhpurs and long riding boots.
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We had a mud wrestling match and ended up wrestling in the cow manue pile.

Love to get covered in co manure be covered in horse manure but cow muck sounds better would you like to do it with me ?

sounds like a good time, We have done it a lot of times.

With who I did it at my work place on the muck heap got covered head to toe then a stable lass joins me

With my boy friend and 3 other friends. We are all farmers.

You got any pics of it love to join you

I'd love to get covered in cow slurry do you know anywhere I could do this or spayed with it

do you have a friend with a farm?

How was the manure fight ?

we didn't get to do it, it was raining really hard and really windy. if it was just a normal rain we would of still done it, but it was a down pour.

Like to roll in manure with a horse girls there use to getting smelly I work with them it's a turn out to see then covered in mud and muck

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I work with horses would love to do that with you in light coloured jods I'm on 07949270319 David x

Hi David. That sounds fabulous. I'd love to chat sometime. I've sent you a text. I have a partner so must be discrete but texting is great :-) x

And hopefully one day we'll end up rolling around in warm sloppy mud in tight jodphurs and long boots. X