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I've seen this three (3) times now, and it is by far the most evil thing a custodial mother could possibly do in an effort to gain complete control.

I can't help but note that those women who eradicate fathers from their childrens' lives tend to have "daddy" issues themselves. There's definitely a pattern of behavior they follow that stems from issues resulting in an absent/weak father or having been raised by women who drove their daddy away at some point in their childhood. It's very sad when you have a man who wants to be a good father to their child(ren) and the attorney must break the news that they have no rights because: 1) They never married the mother of their child; or 2) They weren't put on the child's birth certificate nor did they sign an affidavit of paternity in the hospital at the time of birth.

This particular man had two (2) children with a woman who had a daughter from a previous relationship. Although he loved her deeply, she refused to marry him. They all lived together under one roof, happily he thought. The little girl from the previous marriage didn't see her daddy because this woman took measures to drive him completely out of her life forever. The only daddy she ever really knew, was this man. A God fearing Christian man, with a hear of gold and loved her like his own. I've known this man for quite some time now and in observing interactions with his own children, he is as genuine as they come. I would even have to say that he was a better daddy to those children than their mother was a mommy. You never saw him without the kids hanging on him, hugging him and smiling. A gentle giant.

Mother began seeing another man behind his back. He never knew. This didn't come out until much later. He was a good provider and worked hard. The relationship got a little rocky and this man wanted nothing more than to make things right. He proposed again, and she declined. One day while he was at work, she moved out and took the children with her, allowing visitation to occur only while she was working. She was using him as a babysitting service, basically. He decided to file a petition to establish custody to put into place and order for visitation and child support once he realized that she would not return to him. This infuriated her and she set out to devise an evil plan to put out all the stops. It was the beginning of the end for him.

She assembled her family and cop boyfriend to fabricate one of the worst criminal allegations ever to put him to bed. They decided they would get the twelve (12) year old daughter from the previous relationship to say that he had been inappropriately touching her for years. This broke the man's heart and his pocketbook. Once you've laid the foundation for molestation, all other matters fall by the wayside until the criminal charges are heard before a jury. The little girl couldn't keep her story straight. Day/night, before/after school, up/down...the story kept changing day after day. Although not in custody, this man still awaits trial. He has lost everything and his children haven't seen him in two (2) years. They don't recognize the sound of his voice anymore and mother, now married to the cop, has encouraged the children to call the man daddy.

This happened to another man. He came from Mexico, became a citizen and opened a small landscaping business. Simply wanted to get a visitation order in place. Not understanding the laws in America, the District Attorney successfully used scare tactics to coerce him into conceding to a plea agreement. In prison for fifteen (15) years and getting raped daily. I knew this man too. In his late twenties, and only wanted the best for his newborn son. Her two (2) sons from a previous relationship, ages 12 and 16, cried rape but couldn't describe to investigators exactly how an erect penis felt when inserted into their anuses. You tell me. I think a child would be traumatized by such an event and remember every little detail, had it truly happened. And they never told mommy, friends or teachers? Give me a break. Again, stories mixed up and convoluted. Once father went to jail, mother fled to Mexico with all of the children. Subsequently, the man lost his home, his family, his business, his dignity...and his freedom.

Sadly, in an effort to defend themselves, these men are depleted of all funds from any imaginable source and their lives hang in the balance on the word of an innocent child, coached by a selfish ******* *****. Does this make me angry? You bet your ******* *** it does!
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I believe it happens, yes. I've met women venomous enough to do such a thing, I've seen a mother take a child away from his father through legal maneuvers, when the father is a good man. They were both friends, but I lost every shred of respect I ever had for her when she did that.<br />
<br />
But I also believe this happens...<br />
The child was actually abused, and when the mother notes the signs, the abuser says the mother is coaching the child to say this.<br />
And the court often believes him...<br />
And that's how kids can end up with full custody given to their abuser.<br />
<br />
And no, getting raped as a child is exceedingly discombobulating...then there's the guilt of "I'm bad, I sent daddy away." <br />
That often makes them recant.

I've seen teenage girls raped by mommy's boyfriend and when the girl tell mommy, she doesn't believe her but rather defends the boyfriend and calls the child a liar. o_O

We did have a case where the father was fondling a toddler who could tell mom what was happening. He even touched the child in the restroom at a court visitation facility! She had a fierce attorney who alerted the officials and she did win her case. Dad backed off, and mom won primary custody. The abuser doesn't always win.

But in the cases I've referenced in my story, the children were definately coached and the mothers knew exactly how to go about constructing a case that would appear completely substantiative. It's almost as though a checklist is created:

1) Coach Child Thoroughly
2) Alert Protective Services and Police
3) Take Child to Doctor and Obtain Report
4) Counseling

They know that criminal charges will supercede any trivial family matters.