My (professional) Future Goals

I've been on the long road trying to expose myself in the Media industry as a Multimedia Artist. Since graduating college in 2008, I've been trying my best to stay connected with the media industry but it has been a struggle. The economy hasn't helped much and every top company needs multiple years of experience. Many times I wonder if I'm actually pushing myself enough to land my dream job. Many companies these days want 5+ experience but I feel like having an heart for what you love, dedication, hard working abilities and a great character should be the most deciding factors.

There are many professionals in the industry with so many years of experience but with little knowledge on new technologies or outdated solutions to solving different situations. Well, complaining and sitting down doing nothing isn't the way to go....... This lead me to get a job out of my career field and after 2 years of that, I decided to create my own business and continue to push for my dream job. I've now decided to use resources online to gain networks and meet other professionals in my career field.

I'm hoping to use this as a way of networking with other professional artists and see where things go from there. Also planning to Move to LA soon.
You may view some of my work at,, and (you may like the fb page)
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26-30, M
May 13, 2012