Baron 2888 Guilty To Proven Innocent

Hello wanted to share my story to encourage others to come foth, educate some, and empower others. I can't physically attend Occupy Wallsreet.
My shocking video I posted on Google: Baron 2888 Guilty to proven Innocent. Also Baron 2888 Guilty to proven Innocent. In short I ask that you forward this story and video to any one thay needs encouragment. In short my supposedly lender One West Bank violated many various ways causing me to have two court cases, federal and criminal when I should have not been there. They recently admitted to doing these things to me in the video.

But it did not stop there after the video was shot they came to my home directly where i live and have been 13 yrs lied had their field inspector leave a note the house was vacant and they would be back to illegally lock box and winterize my house (as the one in the video) we see what happened there. They did all of this violating a court stay order.

My wish is for everyone to view my story and pass it along to anybody and everybody that can use it and perhaps it will become newsworthy!
It would be different had I did something to create the chaos, but I did nothing to deserve this.
Vanzant1068 Vanzant1068
Nov 1, 2011