For A Group Of Women Only...

I wish i had the nerve to do this... I would love to be naked in front of an art class ...women only though... The thought of it turns me on so much... I wonder if I'd be able to go through with it.. Maybe if it was at someone's house..kinda like a tupperware party... But just a group of aspiring artists... : )
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7 Responses May 14, 2012

can I get a private class?

I'm not much of an artist but I'd love to be part of that group!

I'm with Laura. The tupperware party thing has just got me going. I really like tupperware and they dont seem to do those parties any more. I think you could have a whole new career. mmmmmmm. pervy grin

I'll sell the tuperware, you distract them..... oh hell, where do we fit the art bit in?

Laying seductively naked on a lounge sofa on your side, propped up on one elbow, one leg down, the other with your knee up, arm draped across that knee holding grapes!! Voila! Beautiful piece of art work!

"..kinda like a tupperware party..." Does that mean you have a lifelong warranty and I could take you home with me if I bought you? ;) If you'll ever have a 'nude model experience', please share it with us on EP! :)

I think the point of a 'special' art class would to be uninhibited.....this would not be one connected to a school or anything such as that. I can imagine a class where the artists WANT the models to be sexual.....and I'll sign up for that....

They usually serve snacks at tupperware parties..... maybe you could be the snack as well as the model?

I'd be very gentle when I nibble around your **** head and dip my tongue into your ****'s slit for a salty taste.


Come on over..I will set it up hehe ...The EP nude art

Seriously...this could be an idea...lmao...hmmmm