WHO Is Paul Pantone. Geet and Free Energy

I had the pleasure of listening to great interview last night with an inventor named Paul Pantone.  Paul has invented a motor that for all intents and purposes, can be called Free Energy. Paul has very unique story that I urge all who are interested to read and can be found at www.geet.nl . He is also giving away plans for this engine for free. They are available on his website. I am not the most mechanically inclined person in the world, but it doesn’t look particularly difficult. For what appears to be less than 100 dollars worth of hardware store parts, you can build your very own engine. I am going to give it a try myself.

                Actually experimenting with the plans is the only way to know if Paul’s invention is true or not. But one thing is for certain, there are powers in the world that would not want this type of technology to see the light of day, specifically the oil and other power related industries.  I have read reports that up to 75 percent of the world’s economic foundation is based upon oil and oil by-products.  Even if the estimate is high, one cannot deny the vast amounts of wealth tied to the energy industry, not to mention the global politics tied to it.  The political power wielded in pursuit of energy resources is clearly visible in the daily headlines.

                If there is truly a technology that generates Free Energy, it will be suppressed. Too many powerful and wealthy individuals stand to lose billions. Too many special interests will lose their political agendas.  And that is unacceptable to the powers that be.  I expect Paul to come to an untimely end in the next year or so; a victim of some freak accident or perhaps the swine flu. But we as global citizens, tired of being held captive by the Energy Barons and slaves to Cap and Trade politics should stand up and see to it that this technology does not get shelved in some government basement or corporate safe, and produced for the global public.

Smokeseek Smokeseek
36-40, M
Jul 24, 2009