The Four Seasons of Life!

As I sit here contemplating all that happened today I have tears in my eyes.  Not tears for myself, but tears for my friend.  I think about how horrible it is for my dear friend, Snowy, as she has to say good-bye to the one person in her life that loved her unconditionally, the person that was there for her in her first break up, her first kiss, her first day of school, her wedding, and so many other heartbreaks and triumphs in life.  Because I have this so prevalent in my mind I have to let it seep out on to the paper, and it is flowing like a rapid in a river and I can’t seem to make it stop. 

Many of you have shared your warmth, kindness, and love with Snowy over the last weeks, and she has shared how much these expressions have meant to her.  You may never realize how much a word or thought meant to her as she was going back and forth between the hospital and in recent weeks the hospice house and her home.  She may never know how touched I have been that she chose me to share this journey with her, or what it has meant to me to be there with her along this path.   I have learned so much about myself through this process. In the beginning I truly believed that God allowed me to be part of Snowy’s life to help her through this time, but in reality I think I have learned far more from it than I have helped my dear friend.  I have learned many life lessons in these past months. 

I have profoundly experienced that love is all that matters. Like many people, I occasionally get caught in my pettiness and separation, thinking I know the right answers. I judge others and I judge myself even more harshly, but I have learned that we carry within ourselves the abundant wisdom and love to heal our weary heart and judgmental minds and that love will overcome any obstacles put before us. 

Recently, I have loved more deeply. My heart feels as if it has exploded. I no longer carry anger. I feel we are all doing the best we can. I have learned that judging others closes the heart and when a loved one is dying, that is a waste of precious sharing. Life is how we stand in relationship to both ourselves and to others. Loving and helping each other are all that is important. 

I have learned that we all have seasons in our life.  We have the spring seasons which are abundant with new growth and feelings anew.  We are refreshed and ready to face the world, taking it on with a bright new attitude.  We have our summers, which are filled with frolicking children, beautiful flowers, and family get-togethers which build strong memories within our souls that we will never forget or let go of.  We have the fall, which is filled with the beautiful crimson and gold leaves. We are surrounded with the beauty of it all.   Then comes the winter; there is a naturalness to winter, just as there is a natural element in the cycle of life and death. For whatever reasons, we all have a time to live and a time to die.  It is right and natural. Life is not about how long we live, but about how we live, what we accomplished, and who we loved in our lives.  There is beauty in winter as well.  We have the beautiful snowfall to remind us that there is something special in this season, just as there is every season.  My hope is that every time you see the snow it will remind you of the beauty that you shared with your loved ones, and that you will take a moment to remember what they meant in your life.  I hope you will then turn to those closest to you and tell them how much you love them. After all, is this not all part of the natural cycle of our lives?


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Anytime my dear friend. I am not always the best at reaching out, but I do constantly keep you not far from me mentally. You know I love you and it does not matter the time of day or day of the week, if you need me I will be there in a moments notice.

Fungirl- tonight I was on EP reading Q&A and something drew me back to this post. This beautiful ex<x>pression of love that you captured in words. The days have been both good and baad entertwined with sadness, anger, love, hurt and emptiness. Through it all there wasnt and isnt a second that I cant pick up the phone and call or text you. <br />
I cannot express a month later how much I still miss her and how empty my heart feels. But I know with friendship and love in my life it will make it more bearable. Thank you for being there for me, loving me, listening to me fuss, cry and sound utterly exhausted.

Back at your best ....... 22 Carat<br />
<br />
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HBY- I love you too! One thing that was so cool about my Mom is that she had this wonderful friendship with these two ladies for over 20 yrs...they did everything together...beach trips, death, birth, divorce, their friendship knew NO limits. They were there for each other no matter what. It was a beautiful thing to see and experience. She asked them to take care of me and they have taken on that challenge just like she wanted them to...<br />
<br />
Marcus101- thank you for your support and love as well. I may have to write a post for all the support I received from my EP friends when I feel up to it. It's been wonderful!

Beautifully said, and very moving, Jaycee. <br />
<br />
Thank you for loving and supporting Snowy through this difficult time, and beyond...<br />
<br />

Beautifully written, FG. I sit here with tears in my eyes for Snowy but I know that the power of a wonderful friendship can carry us through the best and worst times in our lives. Snowy was right when she said you are like her Mom and always there for your friends when they need you the most. I have said it before, but I will repeat it now.. You are a true Angel girl, and I love you dearly, and Snowy, well, I'm so sorry deep in my heart and you know I love you too and wish there was something I could do to ease your pain. Hugs.

You are so beautiful my dear friend. I love you so very much and i am sorry you are having to go through this.

Fungirl- I snuck on here in a moment of quiet to read your beautiful post. Thank you so much for capturing everything. There is one thing I can say about my mom and that is she saw the good in everyone. I have a hard time doing that sometimes. I do believe it is in all of us. One of my lessons from her death is I was amazed by how many peoples lives she touched. She had so many loving and supportive friends. I couldnt believe the line of people to see her tonight and it just never stopped. She always kept a friend for life. She was truly loved by many. She was a firm believer in making sure she always put other people's needs before her own. I will miss her but her story lives on in this post. <br />
You are a wonderful friend have been there, kept friends up to date when I could not, texted at 3am when I was lonely or sad. Listened to me cry, get angry or whatever emotion I was dealing with and for this I am thankful. You like my mom are there for your friends whenever they need you. <br />
Love, Snowy XOXXO

Very beautiful and thought provocing. Thank you for sharing that.

Thanks Hay.

Lovely sentiment. Thanks.

Beautiful, fungirl. I can hear the love throughout your story. I'm sure snowbunny feels the same way about you.

It is one of the worst feelings to lose a parent, not only do you lose the parent but you lose a part of your self . Never to be replaced ..

Heart breaking news sorry to heir this ..


Poor snow bunny. That is so sad. You wrote about it<br />
<br />
beautifully. Thanks for letting us know.

Her mother passed away yesterday sweetie.

Hi<br />
What happened to snow bunny. I have seen her on here but didnt know any was wrong.

Thanks Sunny. I appreciate it. ((hugs))