Would Love To Oil Wrestle Another Woman

I would love to oil wrestle with another woman and i would get turned on by it too. i think a nice skimpy pair of white knickers and a very tight whits t shirt would do to start although i would not mind it if it got torn off during the fight. i once saw an advert for female boxers paying quite a lot of money per fight it said no experience needed but may be required to wear skimpy clothing. my boyfriend said he would not mind me doing it. i think he might get turned on by it. i would also get turned on oil wrestling a nice fit guy. 

georgiasambava georgiasambava
31-35, F
4 Responses Mar 6, 2010

i wonder if anybody would CARE who won...lol

Id love to be a referee, gratis of course

I can only imagine how you would look fighting another woman, drenched in oil, shredding each other's tattered clothes! I wonder who's body would prove stronger? I wonder if you would win? ;-) I know anyone watching would be the real winners.

Please dress up as indicated and rub lots of oil on your clothes and body. I suggest you wear very small but loose clothing to enhance the view. Then post some pictures. If you know someone willing, get them into the act too. Some pics of you or them grabbing body parts would be a real turn-on. I love how daring you are and that you like to exhibit your body.