The Safari House

The Safari House is my idea Here in St Louis MO I want to purchase a 57 unit apartment building and furnish it with the basic needs of home then go to all the local shelters and recrewt selective individuals and families to fill the homes with. My plan is to house them first then within 6 months to two years develop a plan to keep them from ever hitting the streets again. I want to make the Safari House a nation wide shelter. this just a smal portion of what I plan on doing. But my question is were do I start how do I do this?
lauraharris1980 lauraharris1980
1 Response May 22, 2011

I find your plan amazing. I have dreamed of opening a nationwide homeless shelter organization for years but always had trouble with an economical way to acquire/design the shelter I dream of. The apartment/complex idea is great for all the things I have in mind. I am currently working on my doctorate in Psychology, have a degree in business, and experience in nonprofit and I would like to incorporate all aspects of emotional well being services at my centers; mental, physical, medical, and life skills training.
Anyways, have you had luck finding ways to get your idea off the ground?