I Want To Make It The Best It Can Be For My Husband!

I have been  married to my loving husband for 3 years now and the sex we have is fantastic, The thing is i have never had many sexual encounters and so i am only comfortable with the boring positions. The problem is a total lack of confidence in myself and my body which i never used to have as a teenager. but since having children it has become more and more of a problem. I have always had the usual little problems with my body but never to this extent.  My husband is really understanding and is so supportive, but would love for me to be more experimental in the bedroom. or not if u no wat i mean ; ). I DO want to be experimental and love the idea of being more sexually impulsive with him as i know it would blow his mind! The thing is i just dont know where to start??? He has some great fantasies and i do think i would enjoy them i just wish i could open up to them more and put personal prejudice aside. Anyone any tips? or is there anyone else in this position too???

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Surprise the hell out of him by tying him up and teasing him to one ****** after another....use some toys, ****, make it wild!

do things differently. hes walking around the house pass him the opposite way grab at his **** nd play with it for a few seconds see what happens. watch some **** with him whether yous are gonna have sex or not. put on lesbian **** see if your into that.

Just be open about your desires / fantasies with each other. Women worry about their appearances, but these worries / inhibitions lower with alchohol. Hence, when slightly merry you can pick up man like flies (my wife is the same) so what is the reality? You are holding yuourself back.

I have a wife with body image issues too.

Sounds like you both have expressed some fantasies so if you can’t seem to take the next step, perhaps you could play a sex game. They kind of get people out of their usual rut.

why do women always worry about their appearance? It's what's inside that counts! The fact that you're willing to experiment is half the battle. Have fun, be spontaneous...reach for the stars!!!

The big things is that we are brought up aith taboos. Things we are taught are wrong and dirty. It is all a bunch of crap. Communication is the key. If hubby has fantasies, make them come true. My wife found that she not only liked my fantasies but that her whole sexual experience has changed. She has recently become a multiple orgasmer and a gusher. It is a matter of an open mind. Send me a private message if you wabt my email to talk more

What you desire is in you! Go slow and test the waters. If you read or hear of something that sounds interesting, try it out. If you don't enjoy it, you don't have to try it again, but changing the routine will often give enough spark. <br />
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Keep Loving those around you and keep having FUN! <br />
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He loves you for you!

Personality and passion are what your husband married you for, not your size or shape. Stop worrying about your body. He loves you just like your are. Just make the decision in your own mind that you are going to experiment and do things differently and then JUST DO IT!!! My wife didn't have the same body after three children but she was still hot and passionate and very desireable to be and other males.

communicate, communicate, communicate, talking things out should make you more comfortable, have faith in and believe your husband

Were I you? I'd slip on those crotchless panties shown on your profile album.. covered by a lil skirt. The next time you and he are out, flash him.. perhaps sans bra and show him your **** when your out. Fire up his engine when there's no opportunity to take it further. I'm sure he'd be walking around with a hard-on looking forward to getting you home. ****, he might not make home and take ya right in the car! Keep us posted on your progress please!<br />
Bill in Va. <br />
p.s. I love it when my wife flashes me and find it exciting when others get to see her charms and no.. she doesn't have a models figure either!

The first thing I would suggest is to quit worrying about your body! I'm sure your husband is not worrying about your body. He loves you and just wants to hot passionate sex. You can open us if you want to. Just start being more aggressive. When the kids are out of the way, you could simply say to him, unexpectedly, "Let's go ****. I want some of your big hard ****." Then drag him to the bedroom, or the sofa or the dining room table and go for it. Give him a ******* or at least some oral stimulation when he least expects it. Be different than you have been. Try things. Don't be concerned that you don't look like or are built like a movie star or super model. Enjoy yourself. Make him happy.