Update - Cleaned

She came over, we kissed, went upstairs and she pushed me down on the bed. She pulled my boxers off and said she liked seeing my **** at attention.  Then she did a ***** tease for me, pinching and licking her nipples and fingering her ***** and *** for me.  She crawled up on the bed and said she wanted to taste the ***** on my **** and started slowly licking from the base to the head.  She licked and sucked me for about ten minutes and asked if I wanted some *****.  I told her hell yes but I want to taste it first.  I put her on her back and licked and sucked on her nipples while fingering her, then I went down and licked all around her ***** and teased around her ******* too.  She was begging for me to taste her ***** and I dove in.  She came in about two minutes and told me she wanted my ****.  I flipped her over and said the oral isn't over yet babe!  I licked her *******, which she absolutely loves, and she was about to *** again when I stopped and told her only if she's a good girl:)  She got on top of me and rode me while I sucked her nipples and played with her ***.  After a couple of minutes she came on my ****.  When she stopped convulsing she said she wanted to taste ***** on my **** again and went down on me and cleaned up my ****!  She then got back on top, reverse cowgirl this time and rode me until I came inside her.  She backed her ***** and *** up on my face and told me to clean her.  I'd never done that before but it was hot.  I've kissed women after ******* in their mouth before so I figured why not, besides she was sucking my **** again!  We cleaned each other up, plus I licked her *** some more.  Then I got behind her and eased it into *** which was nice and slick.  I grabbed onto her **** and ****** her *** nice and hard and came inside her.  Then she sat on my face and 69'd me again and she came as I was licking her *** clean.  We took a shower and ****** in there and I came in her ***** again.  What a morning...wish every Friday was like this!
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Jan 11, 2013