Peeling The layers Off

                         I was way too nice to a bunch of people that took advantage of  me, what came  of it  was a lot of anger over the years and  it built up, I don't understand why people  have to take advantage of people like that.  I was trying to be  a real friend to a bunch of people over the years and  I end of  getting stab in the back by those people.  Same with relationships.. never work.  Over time I started to hide in a shell, I was tired of being treated like this so I hide out..
                   I promise myself this year  I am coming out slowly,  I did get a few people taking advantage of me, but I learn to walk away..  With new found friendships I am more careful,   I did  have a few fall out this year but  it was for the better, I did not want a cat fight. On getting close with someone in relationship, I have to be comfortable with them first before I commit.  Also learn not to rush into a  relationships.  :) 
Luckycharm94 Luckycharm94
36-40, F
Aug 20, 2010