Being Shy. What ****** Us Off.

I am 17 years old and ever since the first day of kindergarden people have picked on me or just never understood me because of my social anxiety. Here is a list of things that ****** us off.

- Don't ask us why we are so quiet and why we don't talk. We hate that ! It makes us feel worthless. It's who we are.

- Don't pity us. Don't talk to us because you feel bad. Yes ill admit its nice when talked to but we can hear you whispering " shes such a loner" then come and talk to us like were a joke.

- If you think were deaf your stupid. One of our many talents are listening . Because we use our ears more than our mouths we are able to hear you wispering in a loud crowded room.

- We don't like to be used. Don't talk to us if your only using us untill your real friends come.

- we hate repeating ourselves! We hate it when the teacher asks you a question then your sitting there repeating the answer 10 times because your voice is too soft .

Things you should know

- Shy people hold in their feelings. They hold it all in. That's why when it comes to sex we are the craziest in bed.

- We are actually so much fun. Since we have so much time to think, we have the craziest imaginations .

- Around those we trust we are the life of the party. Around those who judge we are a wall flower.

- Really important. We are the most angry. Did you know that almost every serial killer phycho path ( socio paths ) are the shy/ quiet ones?

- Most of us are really smart. When you say " I don't know "
When the teacher asks a question. We know it. We just don't want to be wrong so we act like were dumb.

To all the shy/quiet people out there. It's ok to be yourself. Don't fall into societys trap. We are all beautiful and we all deserve to be happy. We don't need to be anerexic to be pretty. We dont need fancy clothes. The goal is to find someone who understands .those rich popular kids are nothing after highschool. Just people who need to grow up.
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quite nicely put :)