I am shy. I have spent many hours throughout my life trying to figure out what this means and if it is a weakness or a strength. I figure that it is whatever I wish to define it as. I become tense and awkward whenever I am around people. I become uncomfortable for seemingly no reason. I believe that this is just a time in my life where I am focusing more on my internal self than my external self. My day will come where I will be the brightest star but right now I need to figure out my own path before I worry about what others think of me. The time will come to overcome my shyness but not right now. I will be strong. :)
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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

sorry to say, but shyness for some, never really goes away. it's just a part of you. some of it is brought on by culture, parents, upbringing. shy people are courteous, respectful, and kind. it's not a bad thing. i overcome my shyness but doing outrageously audacious/ballsy stunts. ie. walking up to a girl i find attractive, and try to engage in intense eye contact. or if im at a party.. i force myself to jump in and introduce myself. at first. it's difficult and my voice was cracking due to nervousness.. but after time.. it becomes easier. Good Luck.