My Trust Issues Have Gone Overboard

I have always had trust issues but after having my son they became worse, im in a relationship now (not my sons father) and my insecurites are tearing us apart. he has never given me reason to believe his cheating yet i always think he is. i sometimes think i see him staring at other women and that tears me apart and leads to arguments. No matter what he says or does i always believe that hes going to hurt me.
I guess my insecurities are due to the fact that i know how easy it is for a man to cheat due to me being the "other woman" for quite a few years. and to this day his gf/ now wife has never found out that we were together throughout their whole relationship. its something im not proud of but i was young and stupid. i know better now. but now im afraid that the same thing will happen to me and its ruining my relationship.
i need serious help.... please help anyone :( :( :(
InsecureMom InsecureMom
May 14, 2012