Constant Fear And Panic

For the past couple of years I have suffered from panic attacks and other health issues but the panic is what I am most afraid of because I can't control them. I automatically think of all the bad and think of all that goes wrong and it's not right in my eyes. I have always been the strong one and everyone came to me to talk about their problems but now I'm the one keeping friends and family up all night.. just so I can go in circles it seems :( I is honestly tearing me apart. I don't wish this on anyone. Right now I've been having them for a couple months constantly. I HATE it. I DESPISE it. I want everything back to normal but it's like every single thing is triggering them. Honestly.. I feel like I'm about to drive myself insane... :(
SavedByHisGrace SavedByHisGrace
Feb 10, 2013