I Had a House, In Fact 2 of Them

I had 2 houses at 2 separate times in my life. It is a very big responsibility. You need to have money saved for whatever goes wrong, and SOMETHING will always go wrong..so the saved money will be there to fix any problem...even if it's a brand new home...there is always some kind of problems...
I am now living in an apartment, and anything that goes wrong I call the landlord and it is THEIR job to fix it...they can't tell me they don't have the money to fix it, cause by law they HAVE to fix it...and so life is a little better not having to worry if anything goes wrong.
Someday I would like to have another house but when I am financially able to afford it. Maybe we can design a house just the way we want it, and rent out rooms to people who need a place to stay for awhile.
Aski cabin would be a great place or a resort...
good luck to you and I hope you get the house of your dreams.
I had the house of my dreams for 3 years....!
46-50, F
Jul 30, 2007