My BF's best friend called him yesterday from Hooters and was saying how good the food was and enjoying the bosomed atmosphere. Admittedly I became miffed. I hate the sexist connotations and the reminder that I am no longer considered " hot" although I've never had big bosom to begin with. I began thinking, why is there no place to exploit men in the same fashion ? A place women can go to have dinner and look at men's enormous pouches while they eat ? I decided I was going to open a restaurant and call it " WANKERS".

Wankers will be staffed ( no pun intended ) by men with huge wankers. they will wear tight fitting fishnet 1/2 shirts, and shorts that have lightweight spandex form fitting pouches to expose the full bulge of their manhood. Anyone under 10 inches does not get a job there.

Wednesday will be " footlong night" which should be a whole lot of fun. Any woman who can deepthroat a 12 inch Keilbasa, gets dinner free, and their photo of the deepthroating event on the wall.

I want to give women a place to go where they can kick back and have good food and admire the scenery. A place that will make their boyfriend's and husband's reel with fear of inadequacy. I want " Honey I have a business meeting tonight" to make their boyfriend's and husband's stomaches tie up in a knot. " You're not going to Wankers are you ? "..... " Of course not" or " Oh honey it's a business thing. I don't go there to have fun, but the client expects some entertainment ".

Now, I don't really have the money to do this, so if anyone out there wants to use this idea you have my complete blessing. I'm happy with the revenge factor.

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LOL! sounds great.<br />
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I hope you get the money to open Wankers.