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Magdalena Cederholm in fancy way (half yugslavian and half swedish way Escaper From Home Part 4 Hidden Criems In Sweden Rissne Name One Of Them I Should Kill In Case Of Just Bing So Disslike In Case Of Murder I do love u but were sick in tha head well ha

i was at 12-13 years of age thisa hppend long tiem ago in swedne rissne so tell ewhy i dont liek this mikaela ericsson coz hes such snither twitter ok so lets put this punk if uoff me nad im off her whi makes more or less like i would escape from hom ok in part 4 so tell me why we killed that guy in wasaboys one of the swesih kings men chould expline what the **** he is in case of being such stupid guy me my slef im fotomodel at mikas and im ninja as well ok so tel why we kileld him lets put this way u dont belong to us ok in tirely of common person dont uthink well can tell i was 13 when i loosed my virginty w been liek child hoods freidn s and here come  the kciker he gonan thank me for it but what about those to jerks u belong in a diffrnet kind of state of mind woul we do it agiant naj nope but rather tsate ur lips when it coems to be dirty nope im fotmodll in swedne and this happend in Rissne ok subrb to sthlm  so if owuld tell u more about my hiddne criems well gotta go hmm ok
so tels lut it this way do ubelive in jason well id ok do ulei heavly meat if u do tell me why and so on coz u see jason ar farmore relative than u and me and to us ok seicly u ok so tell me more about urslef ok woudl she oh yeas ofocurse
do u smoek ciggaretts ifu do telle me why
well for me i think is cool taste and im very tough ok ic
naj nope she donst care about that ok so tele morea about urslöef well i coudl hapend at anyweher but archtechture tele me more about it ok so tell me litte bit more about userf why kill the kings friend well he wsa sick yeha yeha sick u mena yes he was in accrding t  what we felt lie it ok
naj i kciekd him in tah head ok ok s tell me ore why and stuff liek that coz he was insane yeha insane ok

Ps: Magdalena Cederholm kl 00:!5 we be back try lisetn queensryche very good band ok if u liek heavy metal ok theis was happend year 85 -86 sort of sothing like that yeas Ds half sster to BettieMont Gom Stoi And Slavitza Mont Gom And Cecilija Mont Gom Gom Stoi we discussing that at aquarium in sthlm city and tehn went to by cloth fro expence like tiger and docle n gabbna som versace shorts and taring suits
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