The Heart Of A House

When I joined this group I just thought this is something everyone eventually wants. And at that time I was there, finally realizing I needed this goal to orient myself, making things clearer in terms of directions and work that I needed to do.

What kind of house I want, what specific things I want for it, I had no idea. Back then all I knew was there should be enough room for my books.

Now, I know at least one specific thing. I want a big kitchen. Naturally I want it sunny. I want it to have... I think you call it a breakfast bar? And pots of herbs just outside the window.

I must have an oven. Here in Indonesia, oven is not a must. Most of our cooking can be done on a stove; those who have oven only use it for baking. But I must, must have an oven.

Back in my hometown, we had homemade breads. Warm, fluffy and fragrant homemade breads. Jakarta, as much as I love it, fails big time when it comes to homemade breads. Which is why I must have an oven. Did I tell you I must have an oven?

I also want a grill pan. There's this Indonesian dish called satay that I would love to be able to do on a regular basis and it calls for some small scale grilling.

I'd probably want a freezer too. My grandma used to have one too and when she first bought it, I thought: Why, what do we need it for. But of course, she was right and yeah, I do want it when I have my own house.

The counter will have to be big. I can make do with small one, God knows when I lived with my sister in that small apartment we didn't even have a kitchen counter. But of course, when I have my own place, I'm gonna make sure the counter will be humongous.

There will be spacious shelf for the spices. Indonesian cooking coupled with my grandma's Chinese cooking... boy, there will be jars of spices.

And then pots and pans and utensils. Which reminds me I'm going to need a robot or two to deal with the washing up afterward.


Still no idea what kind of house I'd love to have. I know I'd prefer parquet floor, high ceiling and lots of light but that's it. I know I'd want big TV to watch football. I know I want this silly bowl like chair in which to read.

Probably in the study where I'll be working. The study will also have a drawing table because future work will involve drawing, even though I am technically a digital artist when it comes to art and visual work.

I probably won't need too much space for books now because even though I do not like it a bit, most of my books are now digital. I have copies of my favorites in physical editions but their numbers aren't that great.

One thing I know for sure that hasn't changed since: There will be two, yes, TWO big dogs in the house.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Hey, princess, those kebabs look yummy.

Come build a home next to me! yum! Duchess can do the dishes LOL

Yay. I can definitely picture it. There will probably be time when the neighbors call the cops and when they come, the policemen go: What the hell, it's just some women wreaking havoc ...and join right in. Lol.