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Not wanting to raise anybody's hopes here but have you heard our story in the media whereby we are holding a Totally Free To Enter competition where people can have up to 20 attempts per day to win our house for free.  You do not have to enter every day you can come and go as you please but on any day you do enter you must check the winners gallery after 24 hours to see if you are one of the 20 daily selected people.


If you are you have days only to answer that week's weekly question.  The one person then selected from each weekly final is automatically placed into the final to potentially win the house.

 There will be no more than 21 finalists in the final

If you are Not selected on a daily basis  then you have to enter again on another day (can be whenever, can be everyday) to be still in with an opportunity to win the house.


You can have up to 20 attempts every day for free x the 84 days of the competition this gives you 1680 attempts if you want  Or you can simply just have the occasional go it is up to you.

This is a genuine competition and is as a result of our story which I might come and print it here at a later date perhaps after the Final as i have so much to do now and have to focus on that.  But i assure you we have a story to tell much more than is in the media.  

However the brief facts in the media have been grossly distorted by one or two sources and overlook the fact that we have been self employed for 22 years therefore do have some business acumen, had an excellent credit history until recently through a banking error and other banking failures that official statistics show appear to happen on a large scale.

The fact that we had so much credit in itself implies we had a good credit reputation

However for now i have to focus on the competition

I was looking for forums and came across this 


Check out the site and see the house and look at everything, please tell people even if only one or two as this will only happen if word spreads and enough people enter, then advertisers will want to advertise. So keeping it to yourself will not help and you have 1680 attempts if you choose right up until the last day.

I will come back another day to chat about other peoples issues as this looks a really good site, it's good for people to know that other people care, until then keep positive it's essential.


Love on ya X Michelle & Paul








This is because we will attract advertisers to make this happen 

michellewinahouseforfree michellewinahouseforfree
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Oct 21, 2009