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T's Island!

Oh how I want my own island.  I even want it complete with an Island Boy!  OK Man really. I will only have contact with the outside world when I want it.  The island boy must know how to make a wonderful margaritas, be someone who wants to have fun with no rules!  We must really connect to one another or it just won't work.  I will have family and friends around when I want them around and when I don't it's time for them to go.  I've got a few men in mind for my island boy but hey who knows maybe they can't make a margarita.  Oh how I wish I had that island.  Sometimes I think it would just be great to lay on the beach with only my thoughts.
tks tks 36-40, F 54 Responses Feb 10, 2008

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OOOOhhhhhhhh That is hot....... No tan lines.......

AMEN to that mt... I don't tank I've got tan lines these days...

Nope no hiding anything and got to have the sunblock at least for the first while.

We sure won't be able to hind anything! LOL..

Sharing and getting along with T and others will be along with no clothes for sure.

Actually, it is easy b/c your beauty.

THanks...HS...that's very sweet!

Well, that is a win. tks naked is worth like on an island. clothes...

If I have to share, I will. Half of the best is better than none. But, no clothes.

Maybe we could have a T fighting allowed on the Island...or else you can't come with me!

But I want to wake up with her naked body next to mine...

Okay HS you got her for 12 and I claim the other 12 or more.<br />
<br />

Who ever said that it was a burden or a sacrifice to pleasure you my dear?<br />
<br />
*shakes head*<br />
<br />
silly T

Every 12 hours between your legs? What more could anyone hope for?

you boys sure know how to keep a girl busy!!!

Sacrifice? It would be a pleasure.

Doughnuts ready for you when you are my sweet. <br />
<br />
Shall we feast?

You would make that sacrifice for me.. Well thanks HS...

I can do that, for you.

Every 12 that would be something!

If I promise to perform oral sex on you every 12 hours....

Gee, I thought I already had you nude on the boat....

I've got the pie...if you've got the donuts

That's what I'm talking about. Nothing at all on. Want to celebrate?

Nothing better. don't have a ctoe...I'm not wearing any tonight...LOL..<br />
<br />
Yeah...HS...can arrange supplies we can all be naked and have the warm sun upon us...

I think I can arrange that supplies are delivered, so no one on the island need ever wear clothes again.

I think I can arrange that supplies are delivered, so no one on the island need ever wear clothes again.

Oh yea a life well spent with T naked on a island. Oh yea!!!!<br />
<br />
and the green bikini would be stuck to the top of a tree as a flag. Of course I have seen your Ctoe in your sheer panties.