I have been wanting to make a self portrait of mine for quite a long time now. i guess i always keep delaying it because procastination is what i'm best at. But I've always had this feeling that it will lead to a better understanding of myself, as a person, and also as an artist, albeit one who is still undecided about the field he will take. And when i do get around to making it, it won't be filled with bright colours. Pure black will adorn my white canvas, because i believe colours distract us from the true physical features, especially when concentrating on dresses or something of the sort.

         i have been improving in degrees, both as an artist and a writer and i truly believe painting is an excellent medium, much better than writing. If only i could be as good as so many of you out there. is it possible to steal talent? :p

      congrats to all you talented painters out there, i truly envy you. We should meet sometime.




felixbambaboy felixbambaboy
18-21, M
Feb 19, 2010