Annual Fashion Show

I was shopping at the Lane Bryant Outlet store and they were advertising their annual fashion show. There was a signup sheet at the counter.  Any one could signup to participate.  I asked Julie the store manager did you really mean anyone?  She said yes.

Turns out the invitations were free and you'd get one by signing up.  As it turned out I was going to be out of town.  I gave serious thought to signing up.  I know it would be so much fun wearing the new clothes and walking down the runway.
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Oh My, It sure would!

A new career for us Berta


Hope you are enjoying the blizzard this weekend.

Well it's still snowing like crazy at 1:35 AM! Must have at least a foot and a half on the ground now. Have been plowed and shoveled out once already but all filled in again with the high blizzard winds blowing it all around.

We shovelled once too but it is still snowing and should last a few more hours. The high winds are blowing like crazy too.

That storm was a ***** and now rain for later on today (Mon., 2/11/13)! All the drifted snow on my roof doesn't need all that water weight added to it. Took me most of Sat. to get cleaned up and 2 tankfuls of gas in the snow blower! In spite of the fact we were plowed out!

Hope you did not lose power. That was no picnic for those on the south shore who had to be escorted by the police to the shelters where it was warm and dry. Yes, the icing changing over to rain today is the last thing we need with the 2 to 3 feet of snow. We shovelled Friday, Saturday and yesterday. The town plows have not moved much more than a car width of snow from the street so when they come back they will leave the ridge of frozen snow that will need to be removed. Hope you have a roof rake to move the snow on your roof despite the high winds blowing it all over.

Didn't lose power in my section of Lowell, actually don't think there were any power losses here in the Merrimack River Valley region of the state. Yes it is a damn shame what they've had to put up with between "Sandy" and now "Nemo"! But it is a price to pay for living on the coast! Actually the icing wasn't to bad here we even went out for breakfast! Didn't bother during the storm Friday but were out cleaning up with my snow blower and wife shoveling after my neighbor plowed the heavy stuff. Cleaned up more on Sunday and did rake my roof where needed. Broke up remaining ice chunks on roof Monday PM. Rest should melt in Tuesday's warmer weather. Plows in this area did a fairly good job but streets are narrow as there's really no place to plow it off to in a large city! Looks like we do it again Wed. nite, have to be in Boston for 11:30 Appt. Thurs. Will take train from Lowell and can walk to Eye surgeon's office from North Station. Hoping there won't be too much snow to walk in!

Good to hear you had help plowing snow. Did not realize you lived in Lowell. I went to college and grad school there. I've heard there is still lots of snow in Boston but they are supposed to bring in the snow melters to melt it so on Thursday the walking hopefully will be better.

Guess that must've been U. Mass. Lowell?
Where r u located? If you'd rather not reply here you can PM me, please.

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