Please Join Me On Waikiki Beach

1Sweet loralei and I wlll be wearing our grass skirts and coconut bras (are they one size fits all?) 1SL-you do realize that one of your legs is about my entire height, right?

Gyummy will be our Don Ho...(play on words baby)

Drink will be Malibu Rum, Captain Morgan and don't forget pineapple...that favorite flavor

Music-Something in her Mouth by Nickleback or maybe even Animal...hmmm both fits

Entertainment is us doing the horizontal hula...and I will add more when i get back...hugs my friend and Aloha!
akindheart akindheart
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9 Responses May 7, 2012

Holy **** what a party. great music also.

i had a blast in Waikiki must go there!

Add me sexy!

I wanna be related to the guy that just bought an island out that way, oh wait it was only 98% of an island

yes the oracle owner bought 98% of Lanai..real close to my name too...

<-- *sits in the corner and pouts* hmmm I was not even invited to carry the luggage *sob, sob*

oh but i have a trip planned for us..get your bathing suit ready my sweet about Maui?

I'll be sure to bring my raspberry tinted sunglasses and then we can all sing Tiny Bubbles- “Tiny bubbles, in the wine, make me happy, make me feel fine"<br />
BTW Don Ho is dead........

I know..but they have a street named after him...xoxo

Really? There is definitely a joke here.......but I won't say it out of respect for the HO

Wow! I would go, but I'm afraid that if I had a grass skirt on, something would stick out.

you are so funny...

Soooo Wish I was there! Have fun Kind Heart... I am glad you get to go have fun like this. Drink a few for me! Cheers baby!

I had an awesome time...thank you for being so sweet.. this sounds like a vacation!!!!! Let's hear more ;-)

I pack a large suitcase. I am sure you will fit..

I'd love to come along, but do I have to wear a coconut bra too?

LOL ...i could say something really naughty here ....

Really? You? I can't imagine that...

Sounds fun count me in......