True Friend.

In April of 2008, we became Internet connected. At the time, I was experiencing a degeneration of a long standing spinal disorder that was beginning to seriously limit my mobility and causing me constant pain.
I was sinking into depression and isolation......

Still finding my way around the Internet, learning as I went, I discovered EP and through it, I found the man who was to become a true friend.

I posted my story, describing my loneliness and pain, receiving several responses. One stood out from the rest.

It was from a man in the Republic of Ireland who was undergoing gruelling treatment for cancer. He, more than anyone else who responded, truly understood the isolation of being in constant pain and having one's mobility limited.

Our friendship grew over the following weeks, with almost daily mesages passing between us, till we developed a strong enough bond to exchange email addresses.

We shared our small triumphs over pain and supported one another through the bad times.

Last Summer, my friend developed another cancerous tumour, this one more aggressive than the first. He embarked upon another course of surgery, chemo-therapy and radiation treatments. Gradually, he became too ill to use his PC.

By then, his wife & I had becme friends and she kept me abareast of his condition as often as she could.

It was such a hard time for her, trying to support him through his treatments, while having to work and care for their daughters, aged fourteen and twelve.

It's with a breaking heart that that I tell you that my dear friend lost his battle against the cancer on 27th June this year.

We didn't get the chance to meet, but he was as true a friend as I've ever had the privilege to know.

There are often criticisms levelled at social networking sites, but had it not been for EP, I'd not have had the opportunity to know this wonderful man.

I thank God for EP and for chance this site afforded me to know him.

With his passing, a light has gone out of the world.

I know that he had other friends within EP, who may not know that he's passed. So, may I just ask all who knew David O'Loughlin to say a prayer -if you have faith - or to simply spend a moment remembering him.

meggi56 meggi56
Jul 30, 2010