Losing A Part Of Myself.

I'll never forget the phone call from my daughter-in-law, that came on the afternoon of October 22nd......

She was with my elder son, Asa, at the major hospital for our shire.

He'd been unwell for most of the year and had had various tests, but nothing had been conclusive.

The previous night, however, he'd been so ill - coughing and short of breath - that she'd taken him to the local ED. He'd had blood tests, X-rays and a CT scan - all of which had raised concern enough to see him transferred by ambulance to the major hospital for our shire.

There, after further tests, scans etc,he was told that he had cancer - lymphoma. There was a tumour on his right lung - not major, we were told......

Three weeks later - on his 38th birthday - he was told that he had Hodgkin's lymphoma. BUT......The tumour was massive - it had taken over all the major vessels supplying his lung and was inoperable. Not to worry, though; it was treatable, by chemo and/or radiation therapies.

By then, he was so thin and weak, that we worried that the treatment would kill him.

On Thursday, 22nd November, he collapsed suddenly, at home with his wife.

He was gone before the paramedics arrived. But they and the team at the ED did all they could to try to resuscitate him. But there had been no chance.
He'd suffered a massive pulmonary embolism. He had died almost immediately.

His funeral took place last Wednesday, 5th December. That was soul-tearing for me.

Tomorrow, 12th December, we inter his ashes in our local cemetery.

Just a small, wooden casket, containing a small handful of my son's earthly being, to be placed in a hole in the cold ground.

How can I walk away after that interment?

Please pray for us.

meggi56 meggi56
Dec 11, 2012