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Foolishme. A Poem.


 A place to write and share with friends
 It is of course EP,
 I've made some cherished friends on here
 Not least is foolish me.

 She moves among us quietly
 Sometimes we fail to see,
 Her caring thoughts and loving words
 The splendid foolish me.

 When Arkansas was hell on earth
 With winds that ripped up trees,
 Serene amongst the hellishness
 Was steadfast foolish me.

 She has her own dark times of course
 Just like you and me,
 But without fuss she battles through
 The sunny foolish me.

 Whatever troubles we may have
 When good times we can't see,
 There is an understanding voice
 The voice of foolish me. 

 So lets rejoice and give our thanks
 To one so rare to see,
 The constant kind and caring soul
 The unique foolish me.

AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 12 Responses May 12, 2011

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Once again thank you lets.

Thanks again boo, whatever it is I only found it since i've been on 'EP'.

Luv it! You've got a talent for poetry, from reading your other poems as well.

Thanks beanz appreciate the comment.

A really sweet poem :) For a sweetheart of a girl :)

Just as my tribute to you was x.

The most thoughtful man alive! Bravo darling this is another masterpiece and best of all it's from the heart!

I agree with the absolutely true part little bean, I would like to believe the other part too.

Beautiful poem, and absolutely true!!!

Y ou see foolish destry agrees with me and I know lot's more will too.

Thank you sierra you're very kind :))

Awww, I lOVE these! I think it is so heartwarming and awesome when folks reach out and genuinely care. *hugs* Ari for being a real Sweety!