I Peed In The Store!

I am not a wetter.

I wear a skirt with no panties. I love exposing my bare ***** and letting the pee stream out wherever.

Yesterday I went to the department store and pretended to be looking at things on the bottom shelves as I squatted and let the pee squirt out and make a puddle on the carpeted floor. I love peeing on carpet more than anything. Way more satisfying to me than hard surfaces.

The best was when I pretended to be looking at an area rug, so I put it on the aisle floor and spread it out and pissed all over it. It made my ***** so wet.
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8 Responses May 11, 2012

want be able to pee my pants in store any ideas my number is 6364260688

Love the image of you letting that stream of hot pee splash on the rug. Would like to have been a sales assistant trying to sell it to you as you pissed !!

Mmm very nice.

That is so hot and sexy ! Nice work ! Just ******* where ever you want to and leaving a nice naughty mess behind you. I want wear a skirt it makes ******* all over so easy. I do this too but I have to take it out so it's risky.

I like doing that too, but in my jeans. The only thing I've found is you have to be careful with the color of the carpet. If it is too light, it really shows the dark wet spot! I like the dark or black/brown carpets...don't show anything!


Carpet is so convenient, you can just pee and it all soaks away so no one would know.<br />
<br />

would love to see you doing that