I Want To Pee My Tight Blue Faded Girls Jeans In Public...

I want to press my legs together and have a long steady squirt into my tight blue girls jeans in front of a nice cashier girl in a grocery store. (I did that one day, but I just can't get enough)

I want to flood my jeans, hear the hissing sound and the pee splashing down on ground while standing beside a young pretty woman in a grocery store. (I also did that one evening in a big grocery store)

I want to leak while standing in front of a book shelve of a public library beside two nice girls and pleasure myself discretely. (I did something similar, I wrote a story)

I want to pee my jeans in a cinema while watching a movie squirt by squirt.

I want to wear a tight white jeans made of extra thin fabric (see-through when wet) and nothing else as my hard-on underneath and pee in front of a nice salesgirl in a store.

I want to pee my jeans squirt by squirt while reading hot EP-stories in a public library (I do that from time to time).

I want to flood my tight light-blue girls jeans on the street in the crowded city while waiting for pedestrian light, between all the other waiting people.

I want to pee in a crowded restaurant under the table upwards to the table plate to soak my jeans completely (I did it a few times while sitting in a little reastaurant inside a grocery store).

I want to pee into my tight girls jeans squirt by squirt in a club/dicotheque while dancing with a beautiful girl (of course she is invited to do the same).

And many more...
Any suggestions?
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

I love your thoughts. I would enjoy doing a lot of them but I would chicken out..

Thank you for your reply! :)

Your suggestions are great! The white jeans one while wearing dark color panties i something i am planning to do soon.

Thank you! :) I did it one evening this summer. I was in a grocery store and I wanted to squirt into my white pants in front of a nice cashier girl to give her a good show. As I did so the fabric of my pants starts to getting see-through, and the nice young cashier girl could see my **** through the wet fabric, as I quirted again. Her face turned to red while she was scanning the things I needed. Her beautiful eyes was glistening and she smiled so wonderful... (I will do it again soon)

That is wonderful!

Thank you! :)
In deed I sqrt in front of the cashier girls more and more often and openly: I cross my legs and let it flow sqrt by sqrt. I would like to do that all the time...