I Don't Remember The Name Of The Movie....

I always wanted to wet myself at the movies and then I met a girl who like pee play. She herself was not into wetting But liked to see me wet myself.(She liked pee sex). So we decided to go see a movie and she suggested i hold my pee and do it in the theater beside her. Well I was immediately excited and nervous at the prospect and totally willing. I think she just wanted to know if I would actually do it, but no matter because she said she would have no problem walking beside me with me in peed jeans. I chose men's black button up fly Levi 501's. I figured the black would hide the wetness best. And I thought if I wet right at the beginning of the movie I would be quite dry by the end of it.  I was so wrong on both accounts!

I started wetting about 5 minutes into the movie. She put her hand in my lap and felt my warm wetness and kept her hand there for the whole movie. Because i let it all out after a few seconds the pee over flowed my jeans and the seat and ran onto the floor making a loud dripping noise. Panic seat in but there was nothing I could do except stop and wait a bit to resume wetting more slowly. I have no idea how far the trickle of pee on the floor ran down under the seats but I suspect it was a fair ways. I had not barginned on that happening!  About half way through I suggested we move over a couple of seats so I could sit on a dry seat as I felt i was not drying very fast at all. Well when the end of the movie came I said lets stay seated until most of the people clear out before I stand up. And she said oh don't worry I can barely tell you wet yourself. So we stood and I was so nervous because I could certainly feel the wetness! Nobody said anything and when we got outside she wanted to go clubbing so we did!
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

That is a hot story!
I wish that all the girls would be so open minded like that girl who gave you the pleasure in the cinema...

So funny, one minute you are worried about being wet, then you go clubbing! I always go to the pub or clubbing too after wetting in the cinema.

So true! Once you over come the initial it all good!

Love it! Having read these stories I always check public seating before sitting down